Environmental Policy

1. Responsibility

Prevent risk for both people and environment, adhere to the law and safety regulations strictly and protect people´s health and environment
are substantial tasks for our company and all our co-workers.

2. Sustainable Development

Care for people´s health and security, resource-efficient and environmentally-friendly behaviour are fundamental principles of our business policy.

3. Products

Our products are developed, constructed and produced according to principle ´Safely - Environmentally-friendly - Economically´.

4. Processes

Our processes are set with respect to efficiency. Minimizing environmental impact and protecting people´s health are our priorities.

5. Continual Improvement

We monitor and measure impact of our company´s operations on the environment. Thereby identifying weak points and improvement opportunities,
we create effective work and environmental safety program FT meets all legal regulations as for waste and treating substances hazardous to health.
This activity is provided on contractual basis by company FCC Czech republic, ltd. certificated according to ISO 14001.
FT concluded a contract with company ENVI GROUP, ltd. Tachov regarding special business environmental compatibility consultancy services.

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