Mould Manufacture in China

  • Joint Venture FT Jinlong Tooling
  • complete prototype and series injection moulding tools for thermoplastics manufacture, incl. production of parts
  • Joint Venture established in May 2015
  • facilities situated nearby Ningbo city
  • 130 workers employed in the tool-shop
  • production meets FT standards

Joint Venture FT Jinlong Tooling

Standards and Processes Complying with FT Standards

  • parts manufacturability analysis, Mould Flow, FMEA
  • requested material quality observance, incl. heat treatment (hardening, cementing…)
  • providing heating systems – Synventive, Incoe, Mould-Master...
  • meeting technical standards and customer requirements
  • assuring injection material according to the material sheet
  • serial conditions simulation during mould trials

Order Execution Procedure According to the Process Flow

  • FT processes 3D/2D mould construction in CAD.
  • FT Jinlog Tooling manufactures the tool.
  • FT Jinlog Tooling performs optimizing stages (1-3 rounds) and delivers samples
  • The tool is transported to Formy Tachov (5-6 weeks by ship, 1-2 weeks by air)
  • A trial takes place in FT, the tool is optimized and eventually handed over for serial production.

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