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Mould Doctor

FT Mould Doctor Principles

Mould Doctor is a system of mould treatment dealing with the following defects:

  • process instability
  • high scrap ratio
  • non-optimal cooling or cycle time
  • limited functionality
  • fast wear of shape and functional mould parts
  • non-optimal gate systems
  • non-optimal cooling systems
  • sags, cold joints, burnings, …

FT workers will inspect the problem moulds and mouldings at customer´s place.

Formy Tachov design and provide:

  • process optimization and stabilization
  • cycle time cut-down by 10 to 20 %
  • increase of the moulding quality
  • saving of material
  • training engineers at mould handover
  • cooperation, support and consultancy with Kunststoff-Institut Lüdenscheid

FT Mould Doctor - case study

  • Family mould – uneven filling of cavities
  • cooling time – 36 sec, spots on surface, high scrap ratio
  • optimal cooling time calculation (12 sec)
  • Mould-Flow + balancing the gate system
  • construction adjustment
  • cooling process optimization
  • fitting an additional heating jet

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